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purpose of women's wearing underwear

Many women don't pay attention to the choice of underwear and underwear. They think that they wear it inside, and they don't care about the quality. In fact, on the contrary, for women, underwear is not only a necessary item for personal use but also a good way to find out the health of the body at an early stage. For young female friends, it is best to have a light color and wear white cotton underwear to view the color of the leucorrhea, to find the disease as soon as possible, and to see a doctor in time.

How to choose healthy underwear? Analysis of the pain of various underwear:

Lace panties - advantages: thin, mysterious, disadvantages: the vaginal disease is disabled.

Thongs - advantages: sexy, close-fitting; disadvantages: poor ventilation, easy to infect.

Cotton underwear - advantages: comfortable, breathable; disadvantages: easy to wrinkle, easy to shrink.

Four-corner briefs - advantages: easy to wear culottes; disadvantages: no shaping effect.

High-waist underwear - advantages: shaping, warm belly; disadvantages: restraint, not beautiful

1. Dark underwear

Because of women with vaginitis and reproductive system tumors, the vaginal discharge will become cloudy, even with red and yellow, which are signs of disease. If these symptoms can be detected early and treated early, better results can be obtained.

If you wear dark or patterned underwear, the diseased leucorrhea cannot be found in time, it may delay the disease.

2. Chemical fiber underwear

Although the price is cheap, the permeability and hygroscopicity are both poor, which is not conducive to the tissue metabolism of the perineum. In addition, the secretions of the leucorrhea and perineal glands are not volatile, and the vulva is wet all day long.

This warm and humid environment is very conducive to the growth and reproduction of bacteria, which can easily cause inflammation of the vulva or vagina.

3. Thong

T-shirt, also known as T-trousers, is a fashionable attire that can fully display the charm of women, especially favored by many young women.

However, due to the special design of the thing, especially the narrow band of the lower part of the rope, it is easy to rub with the skin of the delicate part of the female perineum, causing local skin congestion, redness, damage, ulcers, infection and other symptoms, thereby inducing vaginitis. Waiting for gynecological diseases will also oppress the blood vessels around the anus and increase the incidence of acne.

4. Too tight underwear

Women's vaginal opening, urethral opening, and anus are close together. The underwear is too tightly worn, which is easy to cause frequent friction with the vulva, anus, and urethral orifice, and causes bacteria in this area (mostly anal, vaginal secretions). Enter the vagina or urethra, causing infections in the urinary or reproductive system.

What are your pants?

Secrets are hidden in underwear

Have you ever had such troubles, have an odor on your underwear? Yellow leucorrhea? Even blood on your underwear?! When the leucorrhea changes in quantity, color, and smell, your reproductive system is alarming!

Experts remind Many times, the "private liquid" on women's underwear is the "spokesperson" of gynecological diseases.

1. Does the underwear have an odor?

Vaginal is normal without odor, vaginal discharge is egg-like, if the vagina smells, mainly because of white odor, the amount of vaginal discharge is significantly increased, with white foam and sour odor, maybe trichomonas vaginitis, If the leucorrhea has a large amount of yellow and odor, accompanied by redness, burning, and frequent urination, urgency, and dysuria, it may be bacterial vaginitis.

2. Is the underwear yellow?

Bean dregs or curd-like vaginal discharge, with the vulva itching, is, unbearable, even in public, you can't help rubbing the vulva with your hands to relieve itching. Fungal vaginitis commonly found in Candida infections.

The leucorrhea of the bean curd is white and blocky, and most of it remains in the vagina. It is easier for the doctor to diagnose. Because the leucorrhea is mostly sticky and yellow, it is easy to distinguish.

3. The underwear has bloodshot?

There are two kinds of bloody white and physiological. In general, women in the ovulation period will have ovulation bleeding, that is, mid-menstrual bleeding, which refers to a small amount of bleeding between two normal menstrual periods, which may be accompanied by There are varying degrees of small abdominal pain.

However, it may also be caused by gynecological diseases such as acute vaginitis, cervical polyps, and severe cervical erosion.

What is the health of wearing pants?

1. "3 no" wearing pants

One should not wear too tight underwear; the second should not wear dark underwear; three should not wear chemical fiber underwear.

2. Cotton fabrics, ventilation, and hygiene

Many women have troubles with lower itching and vaginal discharge and discoloration. This is a problem caused by tight ventilation of the small pants. When purchasing small underwear, it is best to use cotton fabrics and loose design.

In the ordinary days, the lower body should be taken care of and healthy, and on special days, the money should be put on specially designed underwear. If you want to be fascinated by the other half, you should pay attention to the cleanliness of the lower body.

3. Sun drying, ultraviolet sterilization

In order to maintain the image of a lady, many girls always put their underwear in a dark place. This will live up to the goodwill of nature, because the sun contains ultraviolet light, can be sterilized and disinfected, keeping the panties clean.

If you are still embarrassed to let the pants fall in the sun, use a dryer to dry the pants. Clean and refreshing panties, they will be comfortable to wear.

4. Underwear hand wash

It is best to wash the clothes inside by hand or wash them separately. Try not to wash them with pants and socks.

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