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Reasons Hair loss

What are the main reasons for hair loss?

1. Mental stress, often staying up late

This will bring different degrees of influence on your body, and hair loss is one of the effects. Because of the frequent night and night, it will cause an endocrine disorder in your body, and the nutrition provided by your own hair will not be effectively supplemented. And some people will often scratch their hair, which is also an important cause of hair loss, so to maintain a good mentality can effectively treat their own hair loss.

2. The hair is too tight or combs the hair to the back

This reason is very much related to women. Many women have their hair pulled off quickly due to the long-term pulling of their hair.

3. Anemia

Because of the pressure of life nowadays, there are many people who want to lose weight, but losing weight also causes one of their own nutrients to be lost, which leads to anemia. Red blood cells transport oxygen to other cells in the body. If their own red blood cells are lacking, It will cause endocrine disorders, causing serious anemia in your body, which will lead to hair loss.

4. Use inferior shampoo

We should also pay attention to the quality of shampoo when shampooing, and should not use inferior shampoo. This is because inferior shampoo can stimulate hair and cause hair loss.

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