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Bra Fitting Problems and solutions

The thing about the shoulder strap is not the season, sometimes you can't see it because of the cover of the clothes. But whether it is seen or not, we should pay attention to it and solve it.

There are many reasons why underwear straps can fall. Sometimes it is not a pin, a shoulder strap can be solved. If you find the real reason for the shoulder strap drop, then you don't need a slip buckle at all!

What are the reasons for the decline of the shoulder strap?

1. the design of underwear is not reasonable.

2. the underwear is not worn properly.

3. underwear is not for you.

4. your own problem.

It seems difficult to solve these problems. In fact, it is very simple to solve, then look down.

1. the underwear design is unreasonable, nothing more than the ear is a bit outside, so you just have to reject such underwear. Because each brand's design style is different, it is justifiable to have different ear positions.

2. the underwear is not worn, then your shoulder strap will fall and you can only blame yourself. Your underwear is fine, but there is still a problem with the shoulder strap. It is estimated that you have never adjusted your shoulder strap. Every time you wear underwear, you need to adjust the shoulder strap of the underwear, and the shoulder strap and the body can accommodate two fingers.

3. pick underwear is also a technology, if you pick the underwear is not suitable for you, not the bottom is big, that is, the cup is big, then your shoulder strap will fall off will not be strange.

4. If your underwear is right and you wear it right, there will still be such a problem, that is, your own problem. For example, if you are a shoulder or a narrow shoulder, the easiest way is to use a shoulder strap slip-proof buckle.

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