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weight loss

According to the Daily Mail on August 25th, Tori Smith from Melbourne, Australia, has never participated in any exercise since she left school at the age of 18. She is passionate about high-calorie foods such as potato chips every night. Can eat a large bag of puffed snacks.

By the age of 20,  weight had soared to 175.6 pounds, and one night she looked at herself in the mirror.

Because she didn't dare to participate in the fitness class with other people,  signed up for the yoga class in the gym. After only 2 weeks, she lost a full 10 pounds, which surprised.

After receiving the initial results, invited a personal trainer to receive hard training. One day, the coach pulled her aside and asked if she would like to work in the gym. Accepted this invitation and was passionate about completing a 6-month fitness tutorial in 2 months.

For a time in the past, became extremely unconfident because of obesity, and she was not willing to go out to eat with friends. Now she is slimming down, she no longer avoids spending time with friends to eat cakes.

Now, offers one-on-one classes in the gym. There are two training camps every day. She said that all women should exercise, not just for good looks, but also for health.

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