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how to keep a relationship forever

Love life is often not like the literary works like to describe: love each other, not a red face in life. In fact, love is like a boat that is controlled by a couple. It will not always be smooth sailing, and it will inevitably encounter ups and downs.

Lovers have just come together, get along with each other, and feel a lot of discomfort in terms of personality temperament, thinking methods, habits, and hobbies, and even the lover who feels good will have a distance from the ideal of mate selection, so there is some friction, even A little quarrel is inevitable. It can be said that these frictions or small quarrels are the additions of the men and women in the process of exploration, seeking common ground and approaching.

For friction and quarrel, we must not take it for granted, because it is not a "good thing" after all, it happens much, and the scale is constantly expanding, which will inevitably lead to the interruption of love. You can't look too heavy. If you have a little friction and quarrel, you will break up. Because you calm down and think about the other side's benefits, you may regret it, regret it, and even regret it for life!

If you want to hold on to the opposite sex that you already feel is very ideal, and finally get a happy love, the best way is to calm down and properly calm down the storm, in other words, to be good at maintaining the feelings of both sides.

Maintaining feelings is very important, but after you have met or fell in love, you must find ways to maintain, but not separate? No. There is a premise to maintain feelings, that is, there is indeed a basis for love and even love. This is mainly because of the reasons for friction and quarrel. If it is a principled problem with ideological quality, then simply don't maintain it, or break up.

How is it good to maintain feelings? Being good at being able to use various methods flexibly according to the situation to quell quarrels, frictions, and repair the feelings of both sides. Generally speaking, there are several ways to maintain your feelings.

First: fully understand the character, temperament, habits, and hobbies of the opposite sex. Understand, you will be "no blame", not to blame each other, causing friction, the so-called knowing oneself and knowing each other, no war.

Second: Seeking Datong, keeping small differences. Falling in love is a process of seeking convergence. Everyone's problem is the same, just fine. It is not practical to ask lovers and even to be consistent after becoming a husband and wife. It should be allowed to maintain some personal characteristics.

Third: Give the other party "freedom." No one likes his own love life, such as falling into the net and generally losing freedom. In addition to the common activities of both parties, the other party should be given some time and space to allow the other party to save and expand the personal life circle.

Fourth: Cultivate common interests and hobbies, so that two people feel fulfilled, rich and happy together.

Fifth: Frequent exchange of emotions, so that the other party has the opportunity to speak out the ideas of unhappiness and dissatisfaction at any time. Avoid "water accumulation into the abyss" and get out of hand.

Of course, there are still many concrete ways to maintain emotions. This can only be said in general. If the lover is not happy, what should you do to avoid friction and quarrel?

First: Don't think that the problem lies with you. Think that the other person's anger is against himself and immediately take over. Second: Don't rush to ask the other person "why", so that the words will be more and angrier. Third: Make a simple comfort, let the other party calm down and help yourself. And don't persevere to persuade, it will make him (her) more annoying. 

Fourth: Don't say that if you are irritating, don't knock on the side. This is equal to the fire. Fifth: It is best to let the other person be alone for a while, calm down and think about it, maybe it will calm down slowly.

Finally, some unreasonable behaviors about him or her, such as walking back and forth, sitting in front of the TV to sleep, falling asleep, not letting the lights go off, and clothes falling asleep, etc., don't make a fuss and harsh, if possible, Can slowly help him (her) change it.

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