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Relationship of Love the Boy and Girl

The thinking of boys and girls can be said to be very different, so the method of doing things, the feelings of treating people, and the core values of values? can be very different! To reduce the friction in the relationship of love, we must understand the difference between the four boys and girls.

1. Boys’ thinking is more one-way

Really speaking, compared with girls, the thinking of boys is indeed one-way. There are many other things that are not involved in the matter of the law. On the contrary, girls may consider many things.

2. Girls pay more attention to beauty than practicality

When shopping, girls may pay attention to its beauty more than practicality and hope to buy back things and zero-compliance with the family. on the contrary, boys will pay attention to its practicality when buying things, hoping not to buy something useless To home.

3. Girls will put emotions first

Girls will value emotions in a relationship, but boys will be more rational in understanding the cause and effect of things, and they will often be troubled because of this difference.

4. Boys like their own private space

Boys like to have their own private space in life. They don't have to use words to express everything. On the contrary, girls may like to talk to people and tell the people they like to listen to them.

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