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Oily Skin In Summer

Summer, what should oily skin care do to make it better?

1. Wash your face

Many times, washing your face is just a step-by-step process. If people with oily skin want to use oil to moisturize, it is necessary to pay attention to the small face of the face, wash your face to be targeted, gently massage the face while washing your face, and finally rinse, after washing your face Be sure to pay attention to the balance of skin protection and recovery.

In addition, you should pay attention to control the number of faces washes every day, usually 2-3 times a day to wash your face. More times, it may damage the balance of water and oil on the facial skin, causing the phenomenon of washing more and drier.

Give up the alkaline foamy cleansing cream and use a cleanser.
In order to deal with oil, summer oily skin people often love to wash their face with cleansing facial soap or facial cleanser. In fact, the strong foam cleanser will take away the water and sebum on the face, so it is best to use a non-foaming, milder facial cleanser to wash your face. The water temperature is preferably around 20 °C. Overheating will cause the sebum to lose water, too cold and can not be cleaned.

2. Face wiping

Wipe your face gently with a cotton pad and a proper amount of lotion suitable for your skin condition. This not only removes oil, sweat, etc. but also has a certain degree of massage effect, which can regulate the keratin of facial skin. It can effectively eliminate the phenomenon of the rough face and make the skin regain its supple and smooth luster.

3. The choice of oily skin care products

Oily skin care, the choice of skin care products is very important. When choosing skin care products, it is best to use skin care products containing vitamin C, which can help the skin effectively fight skin problems.

Of course, a lotion containing a moisturizing factor is also essential. At the same time, if you have time, you can do your own DIY mask, the effect is very good.

4. Want to moisturize, sunscreen work should be done well

In the hot summer, sun protection must be done from any angle. Especially for oily skin, in the external environment, facial oil secretion will increase significantly, and maintenance work such as sunscreen moisturizing is more important, it is best to use toner before using sunscreen skin care products, and then add a layer of moisturizer. Cream, this will prevent the skin from drying out.

In the summer, it is necessary to protect from the sun, but also in the winter! oily skin should use sunscreen with strong water quality and low oil quality. After applying sunscreen lotion, it is best to use a blotting paper to lightly print the face to reduce the oily texture.

Tips: Sunscreen skin care products should be used 20 to 30 minutes before going out to allow the skin to fully absorb to achieve a good sunscreen effect!

5. Facial grease cleaning tips

According to your skin condition, use a neutral rubbing cream to clean the skin 1 or 2 times a week. In order to thoroughly remove the dirt on the surface of the skin, dead cells and dirt in the pores, the pores are smooth, so that the entire face can be more refreshing.

It is best to choose the time to grind the face in the morning. After grinding the face, be sure to apply some moisturizing day cream for the treatment. If the sun is strong, use sunscreen.

6. The maintenance of the night is equally important

The evening is the golden time for beauty and skin care. If you take care of this time, your skin will be easier to recover.

At night, clean the face in the same way as in the morning, so that the skin has a fresh feeling, and finally apply a night cream suitable for oily skin! Of course, it is also very beneficial to have a sleep mask from time to time. This is mainly based on your skin condition.

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