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Want to lose fat

I believe that many people will think that they do aerobic, breathless, and exploding sweats. They lose weight after exercise and achieve the effect of losing weight.

On the contrary, weight training is less likely to sweat and less sweat and weight training also feel along the weight of muscles.

So, this means that aerobics can help us lose fat and lose fat?

For a novice, just beginning to do aerobic really has a significant effect on calorie consumption, there are movement and asthma, heart rate is high, and it can be very good to achieve the effect of calorie consumption.

But in fact, even if the novice is a squat, hard-exercise, leg-lifting lower limb training, it can also burst into sweat, heartbeat, panting and exploding. For the training effect on the cardiopulmonary function, the effect of consuming calories and burning fat is far greater. Have aerobic exercise.

When the novice is training step by step, the training intensity can be gradually improved after the physical and muscular strength is improved. The upper limb or the core weight training can also achieve the effect of breathing and exploding sweat.

Moreover, the increase in muscular lean mass can increase the basal metabolic rate, even if it is not exercise, it can silently consume more calories, and it is not easy to eat more fat, in other words, the body's ability to consume calories.

After strength strengthening, the strength of the weight training or aerobic operation can be effectively increased, and the efficiency of burning calories can naturally increase.

Also, after high-intensity anaerobic training, the body metabolizes lactic acid in order to repair muscles and it will continue to be in a state of metabolic increase for a long time, resulting in heat and fat consumption.

These are the effects that long-term low-intensity aerobic exercise cannot achieve.

However, for novices, the muscles do not reach a certain amount, so the effect of burning calories and burning fat is not obvious.

And when novices are doing heavy training, they are doing too lightly, doing too little, doing too slowly or taking too long in the middle.

Such insufficient exercise will naturally not breathe without sweating and will not consume calories, which is like walking and will not consume our calories.

And most fitness novices only use dumbbells to practice two exercises and do little muscle training to get good calorie expenditure. Learn to train big muscle groups, especially lower limbs.

Therefore, aerobic and anaerobic can be greased, and for better results, you must ensure that the calories consumed are less than the calories consumed by exercise. If the nutrition is properly controlled, only weight training or leanness can be performed without aerobics. Reduce fat.

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