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Remove armpit hair

The pursuit of beauty by women is getting more and more extreme. From the hair to the nails, they spend a lot of money to beautify. The smooth and delicate skin is a woman's persistent pursuit. The black hair on the skin is certainly unbearable to them. However, for hair with a certain part, girls, you should be careful and do not remove it easily.

It's estimated that many people have already guessed this. Yes, this is the hair of private parts. Western women often have the habit of taking off hair from this part. Some people also say that taking off the hair here helps to clean the private parts. But is this really the case? Doesn't the private hair really have any meaning?

The role of private hair

1.Triangular hair protection

The female triangle's hair, in fact, and the rest of the body's hair function is the same drop, are to protect the skin from infection, the private skin is more fragile and sensitive, if the shaved hair, it lost the most favorable and a protective barrier Oh!

2. Shave the triangle hair more susceptible to infection

After removing the hair from the triangle area, the newly grown hair is very punctured and has prickle sensation. This time is the most likely cause of infection, and the room will be very uncomfortable. In sexual life, the main role of the pubic hair is to buffer the friction during intercourse, because the pubic hair growth site is one of the stress points during sexual intercourse.

3. Hair can reduce friction

The skin of the female genitals is delicate, and friction is inevitable between the genitals and the clothes. Especially when walking or exercising, the presence of pubic hair can reduce this part of friction and better protect the health of female genitals.

The possible complications of hair removal in private areas are as follows:

Scratching the skin: Using a blunt blade, it is easy to scratch the skin on dry skin. In the case of self-operation, it is easier to scratch because of difficulty in direct vision and more pudendal folds.

Folliculitis: Folliculitis can occur whether it is razor scraping, tweezer pulling, or beeswax. Infection can cause pyogenic formation and even granuloma formation.

Increased infection: On the one hand, when shaving hair, if it causes tiny skin wounds, it will make the pathogen easy to grow; on the other hand, if there is an infection in a part of the body, such as Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus pyogenes, and green Acetobacter, HPV, HSV, molluscum contagiosum, etc., razor will become a communication tool to bring pathogens to the razor. People who have had an infection should ban hair removal. At least they should wait until the infection has healed before trying again.

Contact dermatitis: Any hair removal product and post-scratch repair product may cause irritation and allergies, causing contact dermatitis.

Look! Existence is justified. Women's hair should not be taken off!

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