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How to lose belly fat fast

About abdominal weight loss has always been a topic in today's society, so what kind of method is the fastest way to lose weight in the abdomen? In fact, the fastest way to lose weight in the abdomen is nothing more than exercise and control of the diet. Only by doing so can we really be able to calculate the fastest way to lose weight on the abdomen. What another dieting, massage, etc. can be said to be short-lived.

The fastest way to lose weight in the abdomen - exercise

1. in order to achieve the fastest way to lose weight in the abdomen, you must combine aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is very simple. You only need to exercise for more than 30 minutes after each anaerobic exercise.

2. anaerobic exercise can be understood as an exercise on the waist and abdomen muscles, and then share seven training exercises to exercise the waist and abdominal muscles, the practitioners only need to do each action for 1 minute. The number of exercises is not specified within 1 minute. The practitioner is only required to progress a little every day.

1. Abdominal exercise moves:

Reclining posture, hands crossed each other chest, knees close together and knees. Rely on abdominal strength to lift the upper body, place the back on the back, move back to 1, repeat 15 times for 1 back, do 4 times.

2. Abdominal exercise moves:

Kneeling posture, the forearm stays at 90 degrees, the waist above the ground, back straight, feet and shoulder width, intimidated. Toes, use the abdomen, arm strength propped up the body for 30 seconds, back to action 3, repeat 15 times for 1 back, do 4 times.

3. Abdominal exercise moves:

Reclining position, hands naturally flat on both sides of the body, legs off the ground, as far as possible to maintain the level of the lower leg. Use the abdominal strength to lift the hips so that the knees are as close to the chest as possible. Action 1~2 is repeated 15 times for 1 cycle, and about 4 cycles are repeated.

4. Abdominal exercise moves:

Sitting on the knees, keeping the soles of the feet untouched, and holding the weight of the hips, the upper part of the body is V-shaped to the knee joints, and the hands stretch out. The body does not move, only the hands from the flat extension down, so that the two palms attached to the ground. Actions 3~4 repeat 20 times for 1 and do 4 times.

5. Abdominal exercise moves:

Firstly, lie flat on the side, and support the ground with the right forearm, so that the upper part of the knee is off the ground so that the body presents an oblique straight line. The body is motionless and the left foot is lifted so that the distance between the two feet is greater than the shoulder width. Action 1 ~ 2 back and forth 20 times and then change the side as a back, you can repeat 2 times.

The fastest way to lose weight in the abdomen - diet

In terms of diet, there is not much to say here, mainly controlling the amount of food each day, as well as the type of food, reducing the intake of high-calorie foods. If you really want to lose belly fat, the key is to rely on self-consciousness, others can't help you.

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