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banana nutrition

Artisan stimulates gastrointestinal motility and has many fibers that help to absorb. The content of the banana cooker is high, so it's easy to feel full stomach, so can you cure it?

Many people cough caused by the cold, but because of a cough caused by an inflammation of the tonsils caused by drunk, when bananas are cooled in a fruit, with the effect of the heat of digestion, gastrointestinal effects What are you coughing? Can you eat bananas?

A cough can eat a banana:
Bananas are more mature, more spots on the skin, increased immune activity, more bananas, increase the function of the body's immune system, white blood cells, can increase the body's immunity to cancer. Artisan stimulates gastrointestinal motility and has many fibers that help to absorb. The content of banana starch is high, so it is easy to feel the full stomach, so many people use it as a staple diet for weight loss. Patients with a cough are also eating.

A cold cough, cold cannot eat bananas, plantains, and colds, now the body, can banana, more powder, noodle soup, bad food egg flower, do not eat pork, because the cold pig clouds, simple wet work rehabilitation disease It is not helpful for

Coughing cannot eat:

 1. Cold food
Most lung swelling in the lungs swells due to lung infection caused by a lung infection. At this time, when the food is too cold, the lungs may circulate easily and the symptoms get worse. Although they are not children or adults, the cough is measured by coughing and the whiplash is associated with the spleen. The spleen is the basis of the next day and is responsible for the digestion and absorption of body food. If you can eat very cold and cold, you will come to the spleen and stomach, which reduces the function of the spleen and creates a damp pen.

2. Rich sweet food
A cough is caused by hydrothermal. In the daily diet, you eat dense and mild aromas, which lead to an internal heat production, increased cough and cough may be colder and cough. The heat, which consumes too much fat, can strike, prevent air, increase asthma, and hinder the healing of disease. So eat something easy when coughing.

3. Cold, nuts, spicy food
Frozen and spicy foods can burn and worsen the throat. Therefore, you should not drink cold or frozen drinks when coughing. The milk coming out of the fridge should be heated and drunk. Children with cough allergies should not drink soft drinks. A cough should not be attacked. Sour foods often come together, making the cough difficult to a cough, causing frequent discomfort and making coughing difficult.

4. Peanuts, seeds, chocolate
Peanuts, watermelon seeds, and chocolate are more likely to increase oil and food kicks, and the cough is bad.

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