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Breast Pain Causes

Many women in life have a history of chest pain, and most of them have breast cancer because they can not find the cause for a while. In fact, the causes of chest pain are many, so women should find the cause of the pain in the breasts and then prescribe the right medicine. So, how does the chest hurt? How to take care of the breasts? Submit the following to everyone for your reference.

Breasts pain, how are you? 7 Causes of breasts Pain in Women.

1. Cancerous breasts pain
If the persistence of chest pain, pain, and fixation in the shoulders and shoulders, shoulders have a feeling of weight, there is the possibility of breast cancer, which deserves great attention and goes to the hospital as soon as possible.

2. Teenage breasts pain
Chest pain earlier in the girl usually occurs between 9 and 13 years, when girls began to develop breasts, the first nipple mass, a slight sense of pain. After the menarche, the maturity of the breasts will disappear in adolescence.

3. Milk pain disease
The chest is pain, pain or tingling, pain can radiate into the armpits, shoulders and upper limbs. Only the sensitivity during the examination, without lumps. Shugan Lee gas treatment, stagnation, promotion of blood circulation, regulation of endocrine medicine as the first option.

4. Postpartum breasts pain
Postpartum chest pain is mainly mastitis, in addition to chest pain, but also fever and localized lumps of the breast, which are mainly caused by the obstruction of the thoracic canal caused by the deposition of milk. Therefore breastfeed as soon as possible after birth so that the milk does not accumulate too much in the breast.

5. Breasts pain during pregnancy
Chest pain after pregnancy, this is the placenta, the villi are secreting large amounts of estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin, breast hyperplasia, breast enlargement. This is a physical pain prepared in preparation for postpartum breastfeeding, provided that the timely replacement of a large bra keeps the growing breasts there.

6. Hyperplastic breasts pain in the breasts
Breast hyperplasia of chest pain in the armpit, shoulder and back radiation, touching the chest can reach the waist, inaccurate activities of lumps, but also due to menstruation, mood. This type of milk pain is caused by metabolic disorders, accumulation of metabolic waste, stagnation of qi and blood stasis can take a little blood stasis, the regulation of endocrine drugs.

7. Pre-breasts pain
There are many women with severe menstrual cramps, the fullness of breasts, straight hair, tenderness; Heavy breasts were easily shocked or collision can be painful discomfort, the original particles or nodules more pronounced. This is due to premenstrual estrogen levels, breast hyperplasia, breast tissue caused by edema. After menstruation, the previous changes disappear.

Breast Pain Causes

How to protect the breast Recommend women breast care tips.

1. Add enough food
Nutritious, keep the muscle of the breast strong, full of fat.

2. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the breasts
Especially important for people with congenital nipple depression is the regular cleaning of the breast, especially the nipple and the areola.

3. Be sure to protect the breasts
To protect the breasts from accidental injury, especially in crowded buses and teasing, children should be careful.

4. Choose the right bra
Depending on the situation of their own breasts with a smooth texture, the size of the bra adjusted, the breast in the appearance of a beautiful shape, but also get a good solid support.

5. The positive session line
Maintain a beautiful body, especially the breast cannot contain, should breast, upward, abdomen, right knee, so that beautiful breasts can be fully demonstrated, women's style full.

6. Regular self-examination of the breasts
Regularly with the specialist for the physical examination of the thoracic department, if necessary, you can also make regular mammograms. If you feel bad or control the problem, you should get timely treatment, early diagnosis, and early treatment of various breast disorders.

7. Go outdoors every day for 1 hour
Sport is one of the best ways to help women protect their breasts and prevent breast cancer. And in all sports, this is undoubtedly an easy and comfortable way to spend money: walking outdoors. While a woman can walk for 1 hour every day, the prevalence of breast cancer is reduced by 60%. So, I want your breasts to be upright and healthier, go faster, go away.

8. To maintain a normal weight
Few women know that weight and breast care are closely related. If it is said that losing weight is a woman's career throughout her life, maintaining normal weight is very important to women, too much fat can cause a variety of physical problems, health problems will naturally affect one's health breast health, so, the first careful chest to do things is to ensure a normal weight, so that the balance of the body so that not only can add an infinite charm to women, it can also reduce the incidence of breast cancer.

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