Good Health Tips For Your Healthy Life

24 Ways health tips to change your life

Health is not a matter of time, although some good habits and "weaving" advice in life, you can make your health changes occur in a positive way. Recently, the British Education Health Center has asked a number of experts of the authority, summarized the 24 health tips officials.


1. Open a new day of meditation. Kate Mackenzie psychologist suggested that after sitting and legs over each other, spend 5 minutes breathing adjust, soothe the soul, meditation, feel the energy and joy, and his body a "date" briefly. Meditation can make the harmony of body and mind, making the brain sober faster.

2. Get up early to drink a cup of hot lemonade. Maki yoga therapist often wakes up in the morning, a cup of hot water, a fresh lemon supplement that helps digestion and absorption, clean the urinary tract, but also fresh breath. But care must be taken if the water temperature should not be too high to avoid damage to vitamin C

3. Eat breakfast "luxury". West is a proverb: "Breakfast like a king, at noon as a king, how to feed civilians." Breakfast is best to include starch, protein, fruits and vegetables, nuts four categories of foods, can leave the gastrointestinal tract faster to wake up, a day full of vitality.

4. After eating, drink a glass of vinegar. Coach Yoga Seni Bele Woolz - Smith believes that after breakfast, a glass of vinegar can drink the digestive system as well as activate the effect of blood vessels soften. You can choose the apple, whitethorn as a raw material, after the fermentation content fruitful, acetic acid produced must be more than 5%.

5. Exercise at least 20 minutes per day. Lack of exercise is a common problem of modern man, exercising 3 times a week is not enough. The best exercise daily for 20 minutes to 1 hour, yoga, dancing, running, tennis, can be football. It is possible in everyday life to go the shorter distance, rather than by bus.

6. Chang Huai compassion. Nobody will hurt anyone who really likes to remember. Buddha of compassion, to see the world, your heart is quiet, there is enough energy to share psychological beings everything. Compassionate people are quiet and still.

7. Fix something interesting. Happiness is a habit that can be learned through practice. In the calendar to a small garden with friends interesting activities, such as after dinner to organize a joke, open a joke and so on.

8. Read a biography. The story reading makes wise people, reading biographies the brave soul sister can be. Life is a short biography, you see the form of a celebrity to lead his life better life.

9. Smile something for everyone. Kate Mackenzie psychologist suggested neighbors see bus drivers to see the drive, colleagues, guidance, even if it is a stranger, you might want to give a smile. The other side to make your heart smile together, the other can feel the warmth of the world.

10. Set your attitude. The masseur said Shah Altty bad posture will damage the spine, shoulders and neck muscles, hips and knees, ankles, etc. Every day let consciously hold properly, not twice, the whole body joints and bones more trouble to make smoother breathing The occurrence of scoliosis and other diseases.

11. Every half hour for a while. Orthopedic rehabilitation human Amit Bhakta said sedentary spine strain to increase the foot by 50%, but also altered the physiological curvature, caused the neck and neck, muscle tension in the back, which increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, smoking. It is recommended to get up every half hour walking from the spine "Reset" once.

12. Barefoot shoes can protect your feet, but also limits its functionality. Every day, walk barefoot walk on the floor or walk in front of the light of the park, leaving the body and the soil, the earth much discomfort, but also improve the balance, physical strength, posture and circulation

13. Laughing. Emily Yoga teacher believes that the daily laughter once, you can actually get rid of negative emotions and thoughts, so they are no longer alone. If you can not laugh, you can smile because you finally really laugh.

14. Make a call to the person you love. Parents, relatives, friends are the riches of our lives. Not cold, often give them a call, see the face once a month to discuss the situation. Especially for parents, often look at them there is a delicious thought to give them a copy.

15. Be alone for a while. Renessa Woolz - Smith 1 day will choose to find a quiet place, turn off the phone, the computer and other devices, the peace of mind to read books, painting pictures, or just do not feel everything simple natural sound. He believes that alone can help the brain, in the hustle and bustle to find your own fist.

16. Getting rid of a bad mood. McKenzie thinks if the mood is bad, most of the body protested. Exercise is a natural antidepressant, jogging, playing, moody self-retreat. Eat low fat and low-calorie food, increase nuts, fish consumption in the deep waters, but also improve the mood.

17. Dare "no" and to say "Yes." Critical response, people can feel uncomfortable, but the honest answer is not only responsible for others, but also make their own heart easy to press, but also reduce misunderstandings and unnecessary problems.

18. Listen to music. Expert Adrian Health Education believes that the city needs the vivid music, music can make the brain is more focused attention more focused. Mainly classical piano music can simultaneously activate the left hemisphere and right, so the memory to get the best deal.

19. Make a small change every day. Wear different shoes, make another pull, the height of the chair, the elements on the desktop to change the location small changes give life a different kind of power adds.

20. Learn to rest. Some people think that rest is "not like" and presents the same lazy and not good enough. McKee believes that "sharpen work" better rest, do more with less. Take a day to relax, form rest can be chosen according to your personal preference. But to ensure that the law of rest, not to reveal the body for a better rest.

21. Go with the loving nature. The husband and wife have their own circle, usually busy, you can spend the weekend someone who wants to live the "two worlds" disturbed. Sitting in the river, the bushes, the ideas of others to discuss, but said nothing to sit quietly can also improve the feel of the two sides.

22. To accept their own shortcomings. Many people are not satisfied, as the work of a small mistake, a thing can not remember, my heart cannot live this way. West said, "the rivalry to perfection, in fact, with the disaster." Accept their own imperfect and try to improve, you can be changed to have a fulfilling life.

23. Examine your life regularly. Work each month to add up, your own life is the same. Every month in their own body and life to be an examination and a summary, in the diet, psychology, financial, emotional, mental, physical and other aspects of the changes and discomfort, if professionals or friends, the reasons for a Solution.

24. The fans can not many people give their hobby to work, Tracy believes the law of attraction that Flanders often feel like something, the body and mind better the people feel stronger. Especially those who love sports, dance and art do not give up.


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