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Slipped Disc Or Herniated Pain

Degenerative Spinal Arthritis: Due to the aging spine, commonly known as long bone pines joints around the ligaments and the fat layer is also caused by arthritis long-term caused by fibrosis and hardened, loss of the original protective structure the elasticity of the original nerve, and with the promotion of the attack, suppression root of the sciatic nerve, Causing sciatica. At this time, the patient is accompanied not only by back pain but also by numbness in the lower extremities. Patients will have a severe weakness in the lower extremities, cramping or walking near the phenomenon.

Treatment of Back Pain: LBP is actually prevention is more important than the treatment, to minimize a good posture, so that the lumbar and close column without much force can prevent the size of the soft tissue injuries; If you have heavy items to wear, you need to pay attention to methods to prevent back pain muscle or a herniated disc; Proper exercise can also reduce the onset of back pain. What if you really have a bad back lower? The doctor must immediately ask to judge not to overlook the severity of the problem, should lead to treatment, the current treatment, there are many, including:

Medical treatment: Drugs for ambulatory patients NSAIDs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants, pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and muscle relaxation is good.

Physical therapy: As the massage, acupuncture, therapy with low energy laser, motion therapy, traction belt, electrotherapy, and hyperthermia, primarily by the Department of Rehabilitation.

Injection Therapy: The first two treatments are known as "conservative traditional therapy" refers to anti-inflammatory oral, pain, muscle relaxation, and other medication, as well as heat treatment, electrostriction size, massage, and rehabilitation therapy, if more than three months not improved, but the attack dared Not to take the surgery, this time, injection therapy effectively symptoms, the short-term soften and the immediate choice.

Turmeric: The prevalence of the Middle East is a delicious and cheap spice, but also has a strange effect of herbs. A large number of studies have shown that turmeric is useful for human health, has an anti-inflammatory function, anti-oxidation, anti-tumor, anti-bacterial, and anti-virus

Arthritis: The study found that patients with osteoarthritis of the knee after the pain of turmeric take powder, stiffness and limitations of the action have improved. Even more surprising is that taking ginger powder is better than taking glucosamine (a load of common joint pain).

Sleeping: People in the sleep position processes are not fixed, do not fall asleep when you feel a relatively firm position, but the actual night during the sleep process, the position of the person changes usually 20-60 times. Sleeping relatively healthy, the first was, "is half the lie!" Tang famous expert Sun Simiao health care in his book "daughter Fang forest support road," said: It knee "knee side, in favor of the people who are profits lie in bed" and lying down. Stressed that the media lie "the parties of the whole body relax, blood smooth, accessible organ. Patients with the disease, such as the best sleeping position to choose.

Many diseases are caused by bad sleep and induced or aggravated. For those who have an illness, you need to pay attention to the sleeping position. Sick people, people choose to sleep position, the disease changes.

Cervical spondylosis: bed better sleep, and keep lying down, the pillow is not too high. For the elderly with a variety of diseases, the best sleeping position on the primary. This position can help to change the curvature of the spine and the legs so that older people feel less comfortable sleeping.

Pain in the lower back: should be the next to sleep, so you can completely relax muscle tension muscles to prevent stimulation or suppression of the nerve caused or the pain in the lower back exacerbated.

Physiotherapy in yoga: New research shows that yoga is the problem of most common pain in the United States to reduce the chronic pain back as effectively as physical therapy (PT). Our research shows that yoga is supported for different groups of low-income patients, said Robert B. Saper, head of general medicine in Boston

Medical Center in Massachusetts. Most patients are sought is the most obvious. Saper presented its research at the American Institute of Control of Pain (AAPM) anniversary 2016 AAPM has recently renamed the Global Pain Management Institute.

Previous studies have shown that yoga is shown to improve pain and function and reduce drug use. For example, a meta-analysis of 2013 showed that yoga had a minor or moderate impact on long-term back pain or long-term disability. The study also shows that physical therapy can effectively treat patients with back pain.

We know that yoga is effective, and we also know that physical therapy is effective but do not know its effectiveness, Dr. Saper said. To convert a complementary healthcare practice into health care, I think, the bottom line as effective as traditional treatments and can offer other benefits, such as profitability.

During the therapy and physical yoga lasted 12 weeks, followed by patients through week monitoring 52. During the procedure patients in the yoga and physiotherapy groups were invited to participate (yoga or a physical therapy) or just practicing at home. There are not many people who insist. The average number of participants in yoga and physiotherapy courses in the initial stage is 7.La main topic of discussion is whether the effect of yoga in 12 weeks less than physical therapy.

The study showed that yoga and physical therapy are exactly the same, merit, said Dr. Saper, adding that no apparent difference with the training group in 12 weeks for the various functional aspects (like the Roland-loving Morris disability). But one can see that yoga and physical therapy are still very similar, but the difference with the training is quite high, he said, looking to the patient who actually went to yoga class.

There are similar results in the pain score. "You can see that yoga and physical therapy are essentially the same: a better education, but when each project looks better to feel analysis.


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Slip Disc Symptoms

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