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Sexual Benefits of Onion

Onion History: Onions are from Central Asia and Western Asia, and there are many varieties that have been used with food in the world. In the thousands of years before the ancient Egyptian sculptures of stone, they harvested onion images, then spread to the Mediterranean. Western Han Dynasty, the western regions of Zhang Qian Tong, brought many kinds of western regions. At that time, in the western regions, they have planted onion records.

After the discovery of the earth, it spreads to the world in Europe. XVI century in North America. The 17th century spread to Japan. In the eighteenth century, the "Lingnan MIS cells" recorded bulbs planted from Europe and planted in Macao in Guangdong.

According to the city of Taiwan and the office of the city in 1912, a professor of Japanese primary school who was taught in soft water was introduced to Japan for the first time in Japan. The office of the agricultural laboratories of Taiwan governor experimented with onions in Taiwan since 1918, but with poor results to plant.

After the end of the Second World War, in agriculture experience, Provincial Institute of Taiwan, under the auspices of the Department of Agriculture and Forestry and the beneficiary farmers continue to introduce all kinds of onions and plants Taiwan. In southern Taiwan Yunlin, Chiayi, Tainan, Pingtung area planting success, and now Pingtung Hengchun, Feng Hong Kong, the car of the city and other places to become the source of the largest onion Taiwan.

Health Benefits of Onion: Onion is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin C, carotene, niacin, prostaglandin a diallyl disulfide and sulfur amino acids and other ingredients including sulfur amino acids have the effect of lowering blood fat and blood pressure, a prostaglandin with dilatation of blood vessels, Blood viscosity to reduce the role of prevention of thrombosis. 

Onions are also rich in trace elements selenium, can reduce the incidence of cancer. Adults eat 50-80 grams daily general effect of the health bulb is very important, the really deserved 'vegetable queen.'

Eat onions every day, the results found that the compounds contained in onion also prevented condensation of platelets, and to accelerate blood clot lysis. Therefore, if you like foods that are rich in fat, it is best to fit onions, helping to make the high-fat foods caused by blood clots, So usually eat meat with onions, is very reasonable. Not just a good taste and rich in nutrients. In fact, the onion is an alkaline food and sugar, inorganic salts, zinc, selenium (anticancer), phosphorus, sulfur and so on.

Eating onions have the following benefits for the body:

* It contains prostaglandin A is a potent vasodilator, you can promote catecholamines and other enhancing substances to eliminate sodium excretion, a blood pressure lowering effect.

* It contains sulfur promote fat metabolism, with lipid-lowering, anti-atherosclerotic, when the daily consumption of 50-70 grams of onions, anti-lipid antihypertensives is too high.

* Onion contains flavonoids, which can reduce the stickiness of blood platelets, onions can eat thrombosis, myocardial infarction, and reduce the likelihood of cerebral thrombosis.

* Onions hypoglycemic Using organic substances such as methotrexate, can significantly lower sugar levels in the blood.

* Contains sulfur, trace elements such as selenium, can prevent stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, bowel cancer, breast cancer.

* Onion contains the volatile oil eat older onions can help improve the quality of life.

* Onions can improve bone density in mice Eating onions can prevent osteoporosis.

* Onions rich in vitamin C, niacin, which can promote the formation of interstitial cells and repair damaged cells, so sweet, soft pink skin with a cosmetic effect. Contains sulfur, vitamin E, etc.

The formation of lipofuscin can prevent the pigment from unsaturated fatty acids, can prevent senile plaques. In addition, the onion can with antibacterial substances, anti-inflammatory Eat onions enteritis and dysentery can prevent.


BD Health Tips said...

This tips and information is good. if you find out more and best Health Tips in Bangla visit our website BD Health Tips

BD Health Tips said...

This tips and information is good. if you find out more and best Health Tips in Bangla visit our website BD Health Tips
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